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We are all about change. Helping people to grow and organizations evolve. Today, with a focus on digital transformation. Tomorrow maybe something else. But still on the basis of common sense, honesty and curiosity.

Our proven instinct for finding the most appropriate talent allows us to explore much deeper than generic job descriptions and random resume reviews. Our modern agile methodology and adaptive approach, together with our track record, experience, and specialized industry knowledge, gives us our edge and is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Our clients range from large multinational corporations to smaller companies, advertising agencies, tech startups and creative digital shops.

We work with permanent positions as well as flexible freelancing commitments. Since start in 2010 we have chosen our assignments with care. Never having the ambition to appeal to everyone.

Triby, our little sister, was born in 2012. A network of young talents. Staying ahead in the game takes limitless energy, fresh thinking, curiosity and the ability to view problems from a different perspective. The main reasons why she was created. Giving us the ability to deliver fresh insights from unspoiled minds.

Let us change. Together.